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Electronic Chip Timing

Real-Time Results with Pinpoint Accuracy

Awards and recognition are a great benefit to participants, but a much better experience in a timely manner. How many races end, but waiting for the results take longer than the run itself? Accurate, Quick Results with Precise RFID Technology creates a better atmosphere after the run and keeps the event moving in a positive direction.

Eliminate stopwatches, pull tabs from bibs, scans or manual systems. Our system performs under pressure in all weather conditions to measure to the split second; up to 150 participants crossing the finish at the same instant. Immediate results are produced eliminating guesswork; including splits, finish time, overall order and age group awards. It also reduces the number of people required to work the finish line and results, thus reducing an event’s need for volunteers.

Rugged and Easy

Participants wear a small chip handed out on race day.  As they cross a mat at the start and/or finish their unique identity is assigned a recorded time.  The sweatproof, waterproof chips are built to last and simple for the runner to use. The chips stand up to searing heat, extreme cold, driving rain and anything in between. We use them again and again for any activity that requires a time; training events, fitness challenges, obstacle courses, community races, cross country runs, etc. It is a green practice that can even run a race without bibs to save resources, time and money.

How it works

  • The re-usable chip is about ½ the size of a credit card attached with bread ties to the participant’s shoe
  • The chip contains a microchip and two antenna loops
  • One antenna loop “wakes-up” the tag and the other sends its unique signal to the reader identifying the participant
  • Signals are transmitted through non-slip mats on the course to readers compiling the data
  • Data is calculated using a race scoring software via laptop specifically to your needs
  • On site printouts and electronic copies are available during the event
  • Smartphone results available upon request during the race on
  • Results are posted on, most of the time before we leave your race site